Meat Exhaustion Day



Meat Exhaustion Day Demonstrates Our Planetary Over-Consumption of Animals

FOUR PAWS has calculated the so-called “Meat Exhaustion Day“, i.e. the day on which the maximum recommended meat consumption per year is reached around the world. The concept of Meat Exhaustion Day is established by comparing the average actual meat consumption per capita against the advised levels. This comparison is conducted globally, regionally, and nationally, based on recommendations from the Planetary Health Diet. This proposes daily meat consumption ranges of 0-14 grams for beef, 0-14 grams for pork, and 0-58 grams for poultry. This analysis employs the mean values of 7 grams for beef and pork, and 29 grams for poultry. Critical situation in the Global North According to the findings, global meat consumption significantly exceeds levels considered healthy or sustainable, especially in high-income countries …