Researchers use mycelium to make loudspeakers

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Fungi, Mushrooms & Mycelium

Researchers Use Mycelium & 3D Printing to Make Loudspeakers More Sustainable

Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Learning Technology (Fraunhofer IWU) is investigating the potential of mycelium as an effective, affordable, and sustainable material in loudspeaker construction. The researchers aim to process live mycelium using 3D printing, before influencing its growth to achieve both sound-reflecting and sound-absorbing properties. By altering environmental conditions, the properties could be specifically adjusted, creating foam-like structures to absorb sound and dampen vibrations along with solid and smooth structures for sound reflection. Mycelium could therefore be used both for loudspeaker housings and as an insulating material. This technique could reduce the cost of producing transmission line loudspeakers, which are expensive and complex as they contain a pipe up to three metres long to provide bass and reduce resonance. This pipe must …


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Agriculture / Agribusiness

Veganz Secures Worldwide Licensing Rights for OrbiPlant® and OrbiLoop® Vertical Farming Platform Technology

Following the successful start of the research collaboration to develop protein-rich plants for production in the OrbiPlant® Vertical Farming System at Fraunhofer IME Aachen, Veganz Group AG has now secured licensing rights to the underlying vertical farming platform technology for growing food crops as an exclusive license. According to Veganz, the new technology will make it possible for the first time to grow staple foods in a regionally and economically viable way anywhere in the world and thus also in regions that have so far been dependent on expensive imports of staple foods due to their unfavorable climatic conditions. Furthermore, the vertical farming technology can be directly coupled with further processing industries, which enables a complete value creation from cultivation to the finished food. To …