Vegan Fudgsicle Ice Pops


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Two Innovative Vegan Frozen Treats – FudgyPops and Frooze Balls – Arrive in US Retail

As the US dairy-free ice cream market continues to expand, two brands are innovating new frozen treats to reinvent classic favorites or offer healthier plant-based snacking.  Here, we present the latest from FudgyPop and Frooze Balls. LA-based, women-owned Fruitful Brands recently launched FudgyPop – a dairy-free take on classic Fudgsicle frozen chocolate treats. Made with coconut cream and premium dutch cocoa, FudgyPops offer a clean-label, modern version of the nostalgic ice cream favorite, with 90 calories per serving. Created by Fruitful co-founders Nicole Cardone and Deborah Gorman, FudgyPops are available in three flavors – Fudgy, Berry and Minty – and offer a “rich, creamy, super-fudgy experience” for adults, says the brand. When compared to traditional Fudgsicles, FudgyPops are also said to have a denser taste …