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Fuji Oil, Amano Enzyme & Nissin Foods Lead Japan’s Surge in Alt Protein Patent Rankings

By embracing innovation, Japanese companies are expanding their foothold in the alternative protein market. Nikkei Asia and the Tokyo-based research firm Patent Result analyzed a report on patents filed by companies and research institutions, giving each a score based on its value. Their analysis shows that three firms—Fuji Oil, Amano Enzyme, and Nissin Foods Holdings—ranked the 2nd, 6th, and 16th spots (as of April 2024) in the top 20 list of worldwide organizations filing patents related to technologies and methods to produce alternatives to animal products. What are these patents for? Fuji Oil According to Nikkei, the soy-protein innovator Fuji Oil holds patents for making plant-based butter and cheese. Fuji Oil employs a patented specialized Ultra Soy Separation process to make plant-based cheese and create low-fat soy …


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Fuji Oil Creates Vegan Alternative to Japanese Sea Urchin Delicacy

Whether it be Impossible Foods’ Fishless Fish or BlueNalu’s cell-based fish meat, the vegan seafood revolution is well underway. Even more niche dishes are coming to market, in this case the innards of the sea urchin, a delicacy known as “uni” in Japan, which has now been adapted for the vegan market by a company called Fuji Oil.