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Meet the Current Crop of Alt Protein Talent at the Future Food-Tech Summit

Around 150 trailblazing alt protein companies will join the virtual audience at the Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins summit on June 22-23. The summit aims to bring together food brands, retailers, ingredient manufacturers, tech providers, and investors for two days of online networking to accelerate the future of alt protein. “We’re delighted to showcase the most exciting emerging talent and fresh solutions within the alternative protein space” Here we list the exciting crop of talented alt protein early and mid-stage companies from around the globe featuring at the event, including numerous vegconomist favourites such as Umiami, NotCo, Next Meats, Planted, Zrou, and Because, Animals. Aqua Cultured Foods (USA)  Seafood fermentation specialist that has created the first whole-cut seafood alternative using its proprietary strain of fungi. Better …


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FUMI Ingredients Receives €500,000 Funding for Egg Whites Made of Upcycled Beer Yeast

FUMI Ingredients, a Dutch startup upcycling used beer yeast from breweries, has created what it claims to be the world’s first vegan and non-GMO egg-white replacer. Innovation Industries and SHIFT Invest are the first to invest €500,000, which enables the company to scale their vegan proteins and become market ready. The company developed its innovative egg-white replacer from a single cell protein using a unique proprietary approach to transform naturally occurring micro-organisms, and says that their natural egg alternative is more cost effective than regular egg whites. Egg whites have a global market size of $30 billion, so a cost-effective and more sustainable alternative represents a lucrative business opportunity – some of the world’s largest food producers have already shown their interest to the company. …