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More Than 50 Companies in LATAM Joined the V-Label Certification Scheme in 2023

Fundación Veg, previously known as Fundación Vegetarianos Hoy, has announced that by the end of 2023, a total of 170 companies and 1,900 products had obtained a V-Label certification in Latin America. Through this program, the foundation encourages companies to include vegan products within sustainability strategies to mitigate the environmental impact of food production. From Mexico to Chile, 164 companies of different brands and product varieties have achieved V-Label certification. In the words of the director of the Veg Foundation, Ignacia Uribe, “Among the companies that have entrusted their certification to the Foundation we have names of multinationals such as Nestlé, Bimbo, Concha y Toro, and Masglo, among others, but we also have local enterprises that even have certified artisanal products, such as the case …


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Vegetarianos Hoy Becomes Fundación Veg on World Vegan Day

Fundación Vegetarianos Hoy, the Latin American organization that promotes a change towards sustainable eating, announces today that it has left its old name and logo behind to respond to a more inclusive, empathetic, and changing environment. Although this name change was already indicated with the presentation of the book How to Be Vegan Today, authored by the organization’s founder and general director Ignacia Uribe, it was not until today that the news was publicly announced.  Uribe states, “We are happy to finally present this transformation that we have been working on for many months, which is actually an evolution. Leaving Vegetarianos Hoy y behind to become the Veg Foundation reflects our growth and continued commitment to our mission.” New name, same mission Although it has …


Como Ser Vegan Hoy, by Ignacia Uribe

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Ignacia Uribe’s New ‘How to Be Vegan Today’ Book Urges “Do What You Can, But Do it Today”

The book “Como Ser Vegan Hoy” (“How to Be Vegan Today”) is presented as an essential guide for those who want to explore veganism and everything it entails, offering a simple, entertaining, educational and friendly guide so that people can immerse themselves in the different dimensions of veganism. This new milestone for Ignacia Uribe, director of Fundación Veg (formerly Vegetarianos Hoy) follows more than 20 years of experience as a vegetarian/vegan and as part of this social justice movement. Within her new book, people will be able to find anecdotes and personal reflections, as well as the explanation of key concepts, practical advice, and recipes to motivate people to explore this path. For her, this book is a necessity for society and the vegan movement, …