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Fast Food

Disability-led French Vegan Chain Furahaa Announces International Franchise Plans 

Following its recent partnership with La Vie vegan bacon, French plant-based brand Furahaa has revealed franchise operation plans for its vegan fast food eateries where most of the staff are deaf. Backed by Saudi Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, Furahaa is looking for international expansion, particularly in London and Berlin.  With the claim of being the first plant-based fast food chain in France, the Furahaa Group is currently operating three branches, including two in Paris and one in Strasbourg. Furahaa is now looking to launch franchises in future locations, particularly tourist areas and mini kitchens in containers. Based on the motto of “Exclude no one”, Furahaa mainly employs people with disabilities, with the majority of its current staff being deaf.  Founder Arthur Devillers, deaf himself since …


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Investments & Finance

Furahaa Group Receives Investment From Prince Khaled, Aims to Be First Plant-Based Chain in France

KBW Ventures, founded by CEO Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, today announced its investment in French startup Furahaa Group, marking the first investment made in France by KBW Ventures. Based in Paris, the mission-driven startup is an inclusive workplace addressing the French market’s need for plant-based options and alternative proteins at price parity. “It’s simple: we want to be everywhere that mainstream fast food is.” Furahaa Group is a three-pronged entity that has both B2B and B2C segment, founded in 2015 by young entrepreneur Arthur Devillers, which has three operating subsidiaries: PlantB2B, ViVeg, and its eponymous dining venue, Furahaa. Plant B2B is a supply chain and distribution entity that also stocks the Group’s restaurants, while ViVeg is one of the company’s B2C arms with a vegan …