Future Foods installs fermentations units near farms to transform food waste into high-protein food

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Future Foods Reveals Protein Fermentation Units to Combat Food Waste

Future Foods, which has been working on a trade secret micro fermentation unit, has officially launched its website and services, revealing an innovative strategy to reduce food waste and develop high-quality protein food and animal feed. Dr. Darren Burke, a science-based entrepreneur and the visionary behind Future Foods, claims he has developed fermentation protocols that transform “cosmetically rejected” vegetables into valuable food products to empower the next generation of sustainable farmers. Calling its solution “from farm to ferment,” Future Foods provides farmers with micro fermentation units, installed in upcycled shipping containers, fully equipped with everything needed to turn discarded vegetables into alternative protein. The company describes it as a simple, convenient, and sustainable solution to address food waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and the economic struggles …