New Report: “Protein Transition Has Gone Mainstream” as Investments in Plant Protein Hit $1.1Bn in 2020

A new report from the FAIRR Initiative states that “2020 is set to be a watershed in the shift from animal proteins towards plant-based and new protein sources. The protein transition has gone mainstream,” stating that investments in plant-based proteins have already reached $1.1bn in the first half of 2020, almost double that of 2019. 


Hydrosol Stern Technology Center in Ahrensburg


Company News

Hydrosol Establishes Plant-Based Competence Centre

Hydrosol, a Hamburg based provider of solutions for beverages, and for vegetarian and vegan alternatives to meat and dairy products, has formed a Plant-based Competence Centre. Describing it as a “new creative pool for tomorrow’s nutrition” where product managers, nutritionists, food technologists and marketing specialists develop creative concepts to address the trends in international markets.




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Very Vegan ANUGA

Over the past couple of days part of the vegconomist editorial staff attended the world’s largest food fair, the ANUGA in Cologne, Germany. We were very positively surprised how many vegan products were presented there. Beyond Meat, JUST and Moving Mountains were presented by their respective distributors, PHW and Zandbergen, in the middle of the meat halls – which took some getting used to for vegans.