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Gelatex Now Able to Produce Enough Cultivated Meat Scaffolding for 300 Tonnes Annually

Estonia’s Gelatex has announced it is now running pilots with the capacity to produce enough cultivated meat scaffolding for 300 tonnes of meat per year. The scaffolds are made using the company’s nanofibrous materials technology. Gelatex’s work has been supported by investment from Lifely VC, a venture capital firm with a focus on removing animals from supply chains. Lifely has also invested in a range of other successful cellular agriculture companies such as Cultured Decadence, WildType, and Jellatech. According to Gelatex, the production of the scaffold material does not require much space — five kilograms per hour can be made by a machine occupying under ten square metres. This relatively small footprint should allow the company to stay ahead of demand. Aiming for price parity …


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Gelatex Founders: Märt-Erik Martens and Mari-Ann Meigo-Fonseca - Author: Siiri Kumari © Gelatex

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Gelatex Slashes Cost of Cultivated Meat Scaffolds, Raises €1.2M in Funding

Estonia’s Gelatex Technologies has raised €1.2 million to fuel its innovative approach to cultivated meat scaffolds. The startup’s technology has the potential to slash the cost of cultivated meat.