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Geltor Completes First Large Production Run of PrimaColl Animal-Free Collagen

Biodesign company Geltor announces the successful completion of the company’s first major commercial run for PrimaColl, a groundbreaking vegan collagen. In partnership with Arxada, Geltor says the 5-month operation concluded in Fall 2021, demonstrating the company’s ability to scale biodesigned proteins with exceptional speed and precision. PrimaColl offers a high-protein bioactive collagen that matches animal collagen in amino acid composition, functionality and performance, the company says. Made by fermenting microbes using plant-based inputs, the product is reportedly the first true vegan collagen created for food and beverage. Currently, virtually all collagen products are derived from animals, while plant-based “collagen builders” don’t actually contain the structural protein. PrimaColl is a high-purity product that makes collagen accessible to consumers who avoid animal-based supplements for various reasons, Geltor says.  …



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Geltor Announces New Vegan Collagen Brand With Crushed Tonic Founder Sally Olivia Kim

Geltor announces a partnership with beauty and wellness entrepreneur and author Sally Olivia Kim for the launch of a line of vegan DTC biodesigned CPG products, as the demand for vegan beauty products continues to rise globally. The partnership follows a longstanding relationship between Geltor and the collagen expert, influencer, and founder-CEO of the Crushed Tonic brand, who joined the biodesign company as Entrepreneur-in-Residence in October. The author of The Collagen Glow states: “I had been searching high and low for a truly vegan collagen option – there are so many products out there that claim to be vegan, but animal protein inherently cannot be vegan, of course.” “So when I discovered Geltor’s technology in fermenting proteins to create this beautifully effective and sustainable real …




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“First-of-its-Kind” Vegan Collagen Hits Market from US Biodesign Company Geltor

US biodesign company Geltor, Inc. has announced a “first-of-its-kind” animal-free collagen for the food and beverage industries. The company claims its biodesigned ingredient product PrimaColl sets a new bar for collagens in terms of functionality, performance, and sustainability. “An unprecedented opportunity to access new markets with a bona fide collagen that is truly animal-free” Specialty protein company Geltor has designed PrimaColl, its animal-free collagen for use in the vegan food industry, as well for use in kosher and halal diets. Geltor is currently in discussions with category-leading food and beverage companies, with potential for first-to-market rights in select product categories. Geltor has also previously developed a plant-based elastin product named Elastapure for the vegan beauty industry. The California-based company claims its new high-purity, bioactive ingredient …