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Over Half of Parents Want to See Their Children Eat More Plant Proteins

A survey conducted by baby food company Gerber has found that 55% of new parents in the US want to see their children eat more plant proteins. Additionally, two-thirds of parents would like their infants to try new foods, but 55% said they found it difficult to come up with flavourful, nutritious meals. The child’s preferences, lack of knowledge about nutrition, and cost were cited as the main challenges. A huge 83% of respondents were worried that their children weren’t getting enough nutrients due to picky eating, while over half (55%) said they had a child who was reluctant to try new foods. Despite these challenges, parents said their children ate five meals per week containing plant-based proteins. 39% had given their children alt-protein products, …


Gerber Plant-tastic Plant-Protein Baby Food


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Gerber Launches Plant-Tastic – Its First Line of Organic, Plant Protein Toddler Foods

Gerber, a leader in infant and early childhood nutrition, announces the debut of Plant-tastic – the brand’s first full range of organic plant-based toddler foods. Created to offer a richer source of plant protein, the Plant-tastic line features pouches, snacks and meals made with nutrient-dense beans, whole grains and veggies. The products can be purchased online through Amazon, Walmart and other retailers.  According to Gerber, a new generation of parents is seeking to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet, with research by FMI showing 81% of households with children are now including plant-based protein in their meals. In addition, the latest US Dietary Guidelines now recommend legumes as part of a healthy diet for children 2 and under. Plant-tastic can help parents follow these …