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GlassWall Syndicate and GFI Launch Emerging Growth Consortium – First Network for Later Stage Investors

GlassWall Syndicate (GWS), the world’s largest network of plant-based and cultivated meat investors, is launching the Emerging Growth Consortium – a first-of-its-kind investor group for later-stage institutional investors. Created with knowledge partner The Good Food Institute (GFI), the consortium will provide Series B and beyond investors with a formal network that specifically caters to their needs, and increases investor capacity to support this thriving sector.  According to GWS, it can be difficult for alternative protein companies to obtain emerging growth raises such as Series B and Series C due to the high-tech and capital-intensive nature of the industry. However, such investment is imperative to the long-term success of plant-based and cultivated protein and their powerful potential to benefit the environment, human health and animal welfare. By …


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The End of Animal Testing In Sight as GlassWall Syndicate Partners with Center for Contemporary Science

Maryland-based nonprofit Center for Contemporary Sciences (CCS) has announced a new partnership with sustainable VC group GlassWall Syndicate (GWS), a group made up of foundations, trusts, non-profits, and individual investors who share a similar investment thesis and want to make a difference in the lives of animals, people and the planet.


Plantbased Business Hour

Can We Get Animals Out of the Food and Materials Supply Chain?

What’s next for plant-based foods and materials? Macy Marriott of the GlassWall Syndicate and Stephanie Downs of Material Innovation Initiative are on the Plantbased Business Hour with Elysabeth Alfano discussing 1) the innovations in the pipeline to take animals out of the food and materials supply chain, 2) predictions for the short term and 3) challenges facing the industries.  Audio podcast here. Display content from YouTube Click here to display content from YouTube. Learn more in YouTube’s privacy policy. Always display content from YouTube Open “A Major Investor and Founder Make Predictions for the Plantbased Future” directly Now you can be a part of the conversation. The Plantbased Business Hour airs LIVE on LinkedIn every Tuesday and Thursday at 1p PT on Elysabeth Alfano’s LinkedIn Page: here. Tune in to …