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Wild Earth to Debut Core Collection of Kibble, Featuring ‘Meat Like’ Rotisserie Flavors, at Global Pet Expo

Pet wellness brand Wild Earth announces it will unveil its new Core Collection of dog kibble at Global Pet Expo 2023 which takes place next week. Made from plant and fungi ingredients, the new kibbles will be available in several new flavors, including “meat-like” Golden Rotisserie and Classic Roast. Featuring complete and balanced formulas, Wild Earth says its latest kibble is free from animal-derived ingredients and takes a biotechnology approach to cruelty-free pet nutrition. The new offerings include the Performance Formula and Core Formula, both of which exclude five of the most common food allergens in dogs – beef, chicken, dairy, wheat and lamb.  Designed for more active dogs, the Performance Formula comes in a Veggie Chicken ‘n Kabob flavor, and includes 28% fungi and …