GoodMorning Global unveils new powdered plant-based meat, secures Malaysia's largest single ECF

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GoodMorning Global Unveils New Powdered Plant-Based Meat, Secures Malaysia’s Largest Single ECF Crowdfund

At the company’s 15th anniversary gala, Malaysia’s largest nutritional multigrain powder company GoodMorning Global, unveiled a unique powdered plant-based meat called WonderMeat, which the company claims provides complete nutrition.The NPD is set to be the company’s flagship product and will be launched in Q4 2023, joining its catalog of protein powder products. “It highlights the group’s commitment to promote affordable and nutritionally balanced plant-based protein food on a global scale”, said the company. Established in 2008, GoodMorning Global is a nutritional multigrain and biotechnology company focused on research to unlock the nutritional potential of grains and legumes. Its aims to provide consumers with the most nutritious, tasting, healthy, and safe choices in the beverage category. Its affordable multigrain health beverages and plant-based products are available …