juicy marbles' plant-based whole cut loin pictured on a wooden board and being cut by a man

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

6 Innovators Disrupting Steak With Plants in Europe

Following our recent article on the steak alternatives available in North America, we take a look at the innovative brands disrupting steak in Europe. Not so long ago, most meat alternatives were limited to minced products such as sausages and burgers. But with technology progressing at an astonishing rate, consumers can now enjoy a range of whole-cut products, making it easier than ever to avoid meat. Here we give six examples of steak made from plants, currently available on the European market, and one more that is soon to arrive. 1. Vivera In 2018, Dutch brand Vivera became one of the first producers worldwide to launch plant-based steak. The product made its debut at UK supermarket chain Tesco, where 40,000 were sold in a single …


Green Go steak

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Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

Ukraine: Green Go Creates Realistic Plant-Based Shrimp, Calamari, Ribeye Steak, Filet Minon and More

Ukrainian food startup Green Go is set to host a tasting event and Q&A session with a select group of investors, media, chefs, charities, and other industry partners at the ProVeg HQ in Berlin on Thursday, February 2nd. Green Go will showcase samples of its realistic plant-based shrimp, salmon burgers, calamari, and whole cuts including “ribeye steak” and “filet mignon”, prepared by vegan chef and blogger Alexander Flohr, author of the cookbook Vegan Ocean. Besides tasting the startup’s products — not yet available in restaurants, retail, or food service outside Ukraine — attendees will have the opportunity to talk to Founder Alexandr Panasiuk, CEO and Creative Director  Bogdana Leonova, and Head of Food Technology Maria Manturova. ProVeg Incubator Green Go was founded in 2021 by …