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Denmark’s Financial Sector Urged to Shift Investment Focus from Animal Ag to Plant-Based Foods

A new report called The Role of the Financial Sector in the Transition towards a More Plant-Based Food System shows that Denmark’s financial sector lacks the objectives, knowledge, and ambition to invest in sustainable foods while it continues to support animal agriculture. The study, which benchmarked 27 of the largest banks in Denmark, says that the sector is not financing the plant-based industry or the agricultural production of plant-derived crops enough, neglecting the potential of plant-based diets to address sustainability in the food system. Recently released by the Vegetarian Society of Denmark, Greenpeace, Green Transition Denmark, and Animal Protection Denmark, the report is said to be the most significant review of Danish banks’ actions regarding food production. A thread to the future “It seems like many banks fail …


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Sustainability / Environment

Industry Leaders Speak Out About the Seaspiracy Documentary – Is a Shift to Plant-Based Enough?

Following this week’s Netflix release of the documentary Seaspiracy, industry figures from Greenpeace, Earth Warriors, Roots & Hoots, and plant-based seafood producer Loma Linda, share opinions on the issues raised and the conclusions reached in the film. Veganism is one answer, but the planet’s overpopulation is another issue which needs to be addressed, as is education and a lack thereof, say these plantbased leaders.