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Hälsa: “We Cracked the Code on How to Keep all the Health Benefits of Whole Grain Oats Intact”

“We are at the very early stages of the explosion of plant-based foods,” says Helena Lumme, President and co-founder of Hälsa Foods. “At this first stage ‘anything goes’, meaning that even highly processed products filled with food additives sell because consumers don’t have that many options.”


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Hälsa has ‘Planted The Seed’ in the US, Teaching its First Dairy Farm to Transition to Organic Oat Cultivation

Hälsa, the maker of the first and only 100% clean, organic oat milk yogurts, today celebrates the first seeds planted in US soil at its pilot farm with dairy farmers, using Scandinavian organic oat seeds for a dairy-to-oat conversion program. Click here to see their 2 minute video which explains the program.


Mika Manninen, Helena Lumme, Co-founders of Hälsa

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Hälsa: “We Designed Hälsa to be the Future of Plant-Based”

Hälsa is Swedish for health, and stands for healthier people and healthier planet. The company, which has been on the US market for little over a year now with its 100% clean probiotic oatmilk yogurts, announced last month it is working with dairy farmers to offer the opportunity to convert from dairy farming to growing organic oats.