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Groundbreaking Harvard Study Outlines Clear Path to Reducing Global Livestock Sector’s Emissions by 61%

In a recent collaborative research effort led by scientists from Harvard University, New York University, Leiden University, and Oregon State University, a report has been published, presenting a clear path for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the global livestock sector. The report, which claims to be the first in its field, delineates a trajectory aligning with the Paris Agreement’s climate goals, stipulating a 61% decrease in emissions by 2036. Spearheaded by Dr. Helen Harwatt, a food and climate policy fellow at Harvard Law School’s Brooks McCormick Jr. Animal Law & Policy Program, the research highlights the critical role of the livestock sector in climate change mitigation efforts. “The research findings provide much-needed clarity on a key question – what role should the livestock play …


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Harvard Initiative ‘Food 4 Thought’ Gathers Students in 3 Day Event to Address Meat Consumption

Harvard University will be the epicenter of a global student gathering aimed at reshaping the world’s food system to be more sustainable, equitable, and healthy. Scheduled from April 12th to 14th 2024, the inaugural three-day event, titled Food 4 Thought, is organized by students with a mission to address the pressing challenges posed by the current food consumption patterns, particularly the escalating consumption of meat. Motivated by the urgent need to ease the growing pressure on nature and public health caused by increasing meat consumption, Food 4 Thought aims to bring together the most talented individuals from various fields to imagine a food system for the future that is both compassionate and environmentally friendly. Strategies for transformative action Navin Durbhakula, a Harvard student and the …