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Heck in Early Stage Talks With Ivy Farm to Bring Cultivated Sausages to UK Supermarkets

Heck Foods, specialist in gourmet sausages including a pea-based range and a veg-based line, widely available in mainstream UK retail, is in talks with cultured fat producer Ivy Farm for a partnership that could see cultivated Heck sausages in UK supermarkets at some stage in the near future, as first reported by The Grocer. As we revealed this May, Ivy Farm declared its intention to become the first commercial producer of sustainable, cultured meat in the UK. Co-founder Russ Tucker, originally from a family of butchers, stated at the time his plan to produce cultivated meat for retail and food service by 2023, beginning with sausages then moving into meatballs beefburgers, aiming to produce up to 12,000 tonnes of cultured pork per year by 2025. …


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PETA UK’s Vegan Food Awards Winners 2021 Revealed

PETA UK has today announced its prestigious Vegan Food Awards winners, with the list ranging from small startups to huge names in the food industry – like McDonald’s and Burger King – highlighting how mainstream plant-based eating has now become.  Now in its ninth year, PETA’s Vegan Food Awards showcases some of the biggest and exciting new vegan offerings of the last 12 months over 24 categories.  BEST VEGAN CHICKEN VFC – After its recent US expansion, the activism-first vegan fried chicken producer VFC recently signed its first major retailer listing with Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain. BEST VEGAN MEAT Oumph! Kebab Döner Style – the Swedish plant-based brand Oumph! launched its kebab meat into Iceland supermarkets in the UK, made from pea protein, …