Herbie Wilde plant-based superfood for dogs

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Herbie Wilde Launches Plant-Based Superfood for Dogs With 39 Natural Ingredients

Herbie Wilde is a new British pet food brand that has developed a nutritionally complete plant-based superfood for dogs, featuring 39 ingredients such as sweet potato, fruits, greens, ancient grains, herbs, and botanicals. The company was founded by former film production manager Ella Daines-Smith, who has worked on films such as Beauty and The Beast, Winnie the Pooh, Fast and Furious, and Jurassic Park. After trying to figure out why her dog, Bertie, was suffering from digestive issues, Ella discovered that the culprit was food. As pet food standards are lower than those for human food, manufacturers can include meat industry byproducts such as hair, feathers, hooves, bones, connective tissues, and beaks. While these are often high in protein, they are very difficult to digest, …