Uncommon raises $30M for its cultivated pork

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UK Cultivated Meat Company Uncommon, Previously Higher Steaks, Raises $30M in Series A

Cultivated meat company Uncommon, formerly known as Higher Steaks, announces it has secured $30 million in Series A, led by Balderton Capital and Lowercarbon Capital.  Founded in Cambridge by Benjamina Bollag and Dr. Ruth Faram, Uncommon leverages cell ag and RNA technologies to cultivate meat for the global pork market. To date, the company has raised a total of $35 million to achieve its mission of replacing animals in meat production for the health of humanity.   The fresh capital will further develop the company’s groundbreaking approach and scale production at its pilot manufacturing facility (located in Cambridge Technopark). It will also help to hire talent and begin the necessary regulatory approvals. Redalpine, East Alpha, and previous investors Max and Sam Altman, Miray Zaki and …


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Clarification for Earlier Article on Cultivated Bacon and More on Cultivated Meat Market

In an earlier article about Higher Steaks, a leading UK food tech company, we said the company had revealed “the world’s first cultivated bacon and pork belly”. We have since been contacted by Mission Barns, another food technology company, kindly letting us know that it had unveiled its cultivated bacon earlier this year.


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Bill Gates: Environmental Benefits of Cultured Meat “Sketchy at Best” – The Experts Respond

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MIT Technology Review published last week their annual Ten Breakthrough Technologies edition, this time curated by Bill Gates in a piece titled, “Bill Gates: How we’ll invent the future.” In his list of technologies he believes will shape the future, Gates includes the “cow-free burger” and discusses how “lab-grown meat improves our quality of life.”


Benjamina Bollag – CEO & Founder of Higher Steaks

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Higher Steaks: “Making the Commercial Manufacture of Cell-based Meat a Reality”

Higher Steaks is one of the new players on the rapidly growing clean meat market. Using state-of-the-art cell culture techniques, they create meat in a sustainable way, without killing any animals in the progress. Said to taste exactly the same as traditional meat, cell-based meat has the potential to use 99% less land, 96% less water, 45% less energy and has up to 96% less greenhouse gas emissions.