IFF, Unilever and WUR address flavor challenges associated with alt meats



Bridging the Flavor Gap: 7 Solutions to Enhance the Taste of Plant-Based Meat for Maximum Consumer Satisfaction

Today, we are looking into the companies and latest research trying to bridge the flavor gap between plant-based and animal meat with different solutions, including fermented onions, yeasts, chlorella, fermented ingredients, and heme proteins. Flavor is a complex perception that combines taste (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami) with other sensory inputs, particularly smell. Taste and smell interplay to create the overall flavor experience. However, other factors, such as texture and temperature, can influence flavor. Companies often say, “to enhance the taste, texture, and cooking experience of plant-based meat.” As many studies highlight flavor and taste as the drivers behind plant-based meat purchasing decisions, let’s look at the innovations to make these alternatives more appealing to mainstream consumers in order to accelerate the transition to …


HN Novatech has secured funding to commercialise its flagship seaweed-extracted heme for plant-based meat

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HN Novatech Secures $4 Million for Seaweed-Extracted Heme Meat Alternatives

South Korean food ingredient company HN Novatech announces it has secured $4 million in a Series-A bridge round to commercialize its flagship ingredient ACOM-S, a seaweed-extracted heme for plant-based meat applications. The round was led by VC Logan Ventures, which said it was partnering with HN Novatech to meet the global demand for clean-label meat alternatives. HN Novatech focuses on developing healthy, sustainable, and cutting-edge food ingredient alternatives and has filed 19 patents to date. It claims to be the first company in the world to extract heme-like molecules from seaweed and develop meat alternatives, such as burger patties (Korean BBQ beef), bulgogi, and sausages. Last month, in an event organized by the Singapore Tembusutech Innovation and KILSA Global, HN Novatech launched its seaweed-extracted heme for …