Gluten-Free Vegan Mac and Cheese

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Investments & Acquisitions

Penguin Natural Foods Acquires Howl, Will Launch New Lineup of Plant-Based Mac and Cheeses

US plant-based foods company Eat Howl Inc. announces it is selling the Howl brand to Penguin Natural Foods, a leading manufacturer of innovative packaged foods. Eat Howl founders Chef Craig Thornton and Fred Michaels will stay on as advisors. Penguin also plans to release a new and improved lineup of Howl’s plant-based mac and cheese beginning in Summer 2023.  Through the acquisition, Penguin – which already manages most of Howl’s manufacturing – will take over the entire production process, including the production of the latter’s cashew sauce. According to Howl, this will improve the brand’s consistency and quality while accelerating innovation, and allow Penguin to sell private-label versions of Howl.  “We are excited to grow Howl into the premier plant-based brand that we know it …