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Hoxton Farms Appoints Former Impossible Foods CSO Following Recent Hires from GOOD Meat and Aleph Farms

UK cultivated fats specialist Hoxton Farms announces it has appointed Nick Halla to its Board. Halla is the former Chief Strategy Officer at Impossible Foods, where he was a founding employee having teamed up with Pat Brown back in 2011. The biotech states that Halla’s experience in commercialisation and growth at Impossible Foods will prove invaluable as it begins to scale and expand internationally. With Nick’s help, Hoxton Farms takes one step closer to creating a deliciously fatty future. The news comes on the heels of the company’s recent strategic hiring of Vítor Espirito Santo, previously Senior Director of Cellular Agriculture at GOOD Meat, and Nadav Tal, former Director of R&D Engineering at Aleph Farms, in preparation for commercialisation of its product, which it describes …


Hoxton Farms announces two strategic hires from leading cultivated meat companies GOOD Meat and Aleph Farms to propel its next commercialisation phase.

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Hoxton Farms Announces Strategic Hires from GOOD Meat and Aleph Farms to Accelerate Cultivated Fat

After opening the UK’s first pilot production facility for cultivated fat, Hoxton Farms announces two strategic executive hires from leading cultivated meat companies GOOD Meat — a subsidiary of Eat Just — and Aleph Farms, to propel the company’s cultivated fat into its next commercialisation phase. The UK aims to become a leading food tech and biotechnology hub. The government has invested £12 million in a cellular agriculture hub, and recently, it unveiled a £2 billion plan to seize the potential of biotechnology for novel foods and medicines and sustainable fuel. While the government has been looking to streamline the approval for cultivated meat to boost food security and sustainability, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has released new guidance on cell-cultivated products and the authorisation process to bring them to market in Great …


Hoxton Farms opens cultivated animal fat pilot production facility

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Manufacturing & Technology

Hoxton Farms Opens “UK’s First” Cultivated Animal Fat Pilot Production Facility

London-based biotech firm Hoxton Farms has opened what it claims is the UK’s first pilot production facility for cultivated animal fat. The 14,000-square-foot site on Old Street in Central London features specialist cell culture laboratories, a food development kitchen, office space, and communal areas. There is also a workshop for the manufacturing of bespoke bioreactors, designed to produce cultivated fat at a much lower cost than standard bioreactors. These have been developed using Hoxton Farms’ technology platform, which is based on computational biology and mathematical modelling. Price parity with plant oils Following the opening of the new facility, Hoxton Farms plans to expand its team from 40 to 100 people. Additionally, production capacity will be increased to ten tonnes of cultivated fat per year. The …


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Investments & Acquisitions

Hoxton Farms Raises $22M for Cultivated Fat Pilot Facility

Hoxton Farms, a cultivated fat company based in London, UK, has raised $22 million in its Series A funding round. The round was led by Collaborative Fund, an early backer of Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, along with Fine Structure Ventures. Other participants included AgFunder and Sustainable Food Ventures. Hoxton will use the funding to build a 13,000-square-foot cultivated fat pilot facility in Shoreditch, East London. The company is optimistic about achieving regulatory approval, which will allow its fats to be used commercially as an ingredient in meat alternatives. The cultivated fats are produced with the help of a computational platform that uses machine learning and mathematical modelling. The platform develops proprietary bioreactors and animal-free culture media, allowing for more efficient and affordable production. “Bringing …


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Market & Trends

The Future is Fat: The Startups Looking to Fatten up Vegan Food

Research shows vast swathes of the global population are turning to plant-based for a healthier diet, with vegan food associated with a wide array of health benefits. On the other hand, however, researchers have concluded that many consumers simply find processed animal-based foods too tasty to give up.  According to Phil Morle from plant-based industry investor Main Sequence; to “unlock the mysteries of fats and create animal-free fats” is “essential for the future of the industry”. Fat holds the key to flavour, and creating viable, healthy and tasty vegan fats is the latest innovation frontier. With this in mind, vegconomist takes a look at the fattiest players in the alt meat sphere:   77 Foods  After being named by Unilever as the winner of its Innovation …


Hoxton Farms Co-Founders Ed Steele (L) Max Jamilly (Right) 1

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Investments & Finance

Is Fat Coming Back? UK Cultured Fat Startup Secures £2.7 Million

A taste revolution in the plant-based meat industry could be on the horizon as Hoxton Farms, the UK’s first cultured fat startup, has announced a £2.7 million seed round. Combining cell biology and mathematical modelling to make cruelty-free and sustainable fat, the company aims to replace conventional vegetable fats used by plant-based producers.