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Sodexo, HSUS Commit to Make 50% of College Menus Plant-Based by 2025

Global food service leader Sodexo announces a new pledge to make 50% of its college campus menus plant-based by 2025. The latest commitment, made in partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), increases the company’s previous goal of making its higher-ed dining 42% plant-based by 2025. According to Sodexo, 35% of Americans are looking to eat less meat, and college students are especially interested in the environmental and health benefits of plant-based eating. A 2020 GlobeScan study found 37% of Gen Z individuals expressed an interest in eating more plant-based and meat-free foods​. Currently, Sodexo states 36% of its college and university menus are plant-based, and the company is committed to meet this growing demand. “Formula for success” “Year after year, Sodexo …


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ISS Guckenheimer Partners with Humane Society to Make Menu 55% Plant-Based by 2025

ISS Guckenheimer, a leading food services provider, has pledged to make 55% of its menu options fully plant-based by 2025. This represents the strongest such commitment to date by any food service provider, the company says. As part of the Cool Food Pledge, the company is seeking to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by a minimum of 25% over the next three years. To meet these goals, Guckenhimer is working with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to develop plant-based recipes, culinary trainings and greenhouse gas assessments. The company also intends to increase the number of plant-based menu offerings, reduce its reliance on meat-based dishes, and manage the portion sizes of animal protein. Guckeheimer is further enhancing its climate change impact by rolling …


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Whitsons Culinary Group Partners with Humane Society to Launch Veggabóls Plant-Based Meals in Schools

Whitsons Culinary Group, which provides dining services to public schools in the Northeast US, has partnered with the Humane Society of the United States to introduce Veggabóls, a plant-based school meal program. As a part of Whitson’s commitment to offering at least 10% plant-based menus by 2024, Veggabóls are being piloted across 12 school districts this spring, with a full expansion possible in the fall.  Through Veggabóls, Whitsons is providing 10 healthy and sustainable recipes developed by HSUS’s team of chefs. The chefs modified several of Whitson’s most popular school lunch options to be fully plant-based, while creating brand new Veggabóls like Fiesta Rice and Beans and BBQ Chickpea and Rice. To ensure a successful rollout, Whitsons and the HSUS plan to offer virtual culinary …


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Sodexo & Humane Society Plan to Make 42% of University Menus Plant-Based by 2025

Catering giant Sodexo recently announced the expansion of its collaboration with the Humane Society of the United States, in a partnership that has continued for over 15 years with the aim of increasing the number of plant-based options on its menus. The initiative is part of Sodexo’s overall strategy to reduce its carbon emissions 34% by 2025: shockingly, though perhaps not surprisingly, Sodexo’s carried out an internal analysis which found that at least 70% of its supply carbon footprint was related to animal-based food purchases in the fiscal year 2020. Following the study, Sodexo Campus claims it is now aiming to make 42% of its planned menu offerings plant-based by 2025.  US initiative follows UK success Sodexo UK and Ireland already announced last October that …


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New Vegan-Friendly Coalition to Help Hospitals Provide Plant-Based Meals in 2020

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, the Humane Society of the United States, Oldways, Health Care Without Harm, and Meatless Monday are five nonprofits that have partnered to create the Plant-Based Hospital Food Coalition. This Coalition will provide support, resources, and hands-on training to hospital culinary teams to help them provide more plant-based meals.