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Cashew Cheese Brand I AM NUT OK Secures First UK-Wide Retail Listing with Ocado

I AM NUT OK, a UK producer of cashew-based cheese alternatives, has gained its first national listing at online supermarket Ocado. The retailer will stock three of the plant-based cheeses — the parmesan alternative OH GRATE!, the cultured cashew feta Fetamorphosis, and the soy-based Bluffalo Notzarella. The cheese alternatives are made with a unique fermenting and aging process that uses real cheese cultures; by emphasising taste and transparency, I AM NUT OK aims to provide an “alternative to mass-produced and ultra-processed rubbery vegan cheese”. “The brand is focused on developing a new category, products that are uniquely delicious in their own way and not just made for vegans but for people who love good food,” said co-founder Nivi Jasa. “Ocado is a trendsetter and our …


Angela Chou, I Am NUT OK

Angela Chou © I Am NUT OK


I AM NUT OK: “Our Mission is to Satisfy People’s Cheese Cravings With Delicious Dairy Alternatives”

UK-based I AM NUT OK was founded by American / Italian couple Angela and Nivi, who put to use their design backgrounds and mutual love for cheese to craft a wide range of artisan vegan products in Hackney, London, with the aim not to replicate dairy, but simply to make delicious animal-free cheese. Going from strength to strength, I AM NUT OK supplies Planet Organic and specialist stores such as the UK’s first vegan cheesemonger La Fauxmagerie, and recently opened brick-and-mortar location Third Culture, a vegan deli based at Broadway Market in London. We chatted all things cheese with Co-founder Angela Chou. What is the story behind the foundation of I am NUT OK? The foundation behind I AM NUT OK lies in a passion …