Heura lasagne Iberojet

Image courtesy Heura Foods

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Heura and Iberojet Collaborate to Bring Tutti Foods Vegan Lasagne to Onboard Menu

Heura and Iberojet, the Spanish / Portuguese charter airline, recently collaborated to add a 100% plant-based lasagne dish to its onboard menus. The vegan Bolognese lasagne, made with Heura‘s vegetable protein meat, fresh egg-free pasta sheets, cauliflower-based béchamel sauce and grated vegan cheese, has been available since January 9 on 40% of flights departing from Spain and Portugal. “Iberojet makes available to all passengers a 100% vegetable dish suitable for vegans, turning into a commodity an option which is usually offered as a premium category or special offer,” says Director of Customer Experience Juan José Salgueiro of Iberojet. This initiative has been possible thanks to the alliance between Tutti Food Group, a company specialized in the production of frozen ready meals, and Heura, the leading …