Alpha Foods is using HME in a different way to make meatier plant-based chicken.

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Alpha Foods Unleashes the Power of HME Technology to Make the “Most-Meat Like” Plant-Based Chicken Strips

California-based Alpha Foods, a popular plant-based brand known for its frozen burritos, wraps, tamales, and nuggets,  launched plant-based Homestyle Chik’n Strips last year to cater to consumers from vegans to flexitarians to meat lovers. The company, now part of the The LIVEKINDLY Collective, says that its plant-based chicken strips shred, taste, and cook just like chicken and describes them as the “most meat-like” plant-based chicken.  To satisfy consumer demands for a plant-based product that provides a meat-like eating experience, the company leverages High Moisture Extrusion (HME) technology but uses a unique processing approach.   Alpha Foods explains that its HME method mixes and cooks soy and wheat in an extruder at specific temperatures. Through this process, the plant proteins melt and fold into strands that resemble the fibers responsible …


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Vegan Flavor Market Gains Momentum Driven by Health Awareness of Plant-Based Diets

There is a growing demand for vegan-friendly options in the world of flavors. According to a recent report by Fact.MR, the vegan flavor market is expected to reach $18,324.3 million by 2034, with a projected CAGR of 5.2% from 2024 to 2034. One of the key drivers of the growth is the increasing awareness of the health benefits associated with plant-based diets. Additionally, growing concerns about environmental sustainability and animal welfare are prompting consumers to opt for vegan products, boosting the demand for vegan flavors.  Interestingly, the increasing exposure to diverse global cuisines, which feature plant-based ingredients and flavors, also influences the market’s growth. North America and China In this scenario, the vegan flavor market in North America is expected to experience robust growth in the coming …


IFF has invested in high-moisture extrusion (HME) technology systems to support manufacturers in creating fibrous plant-based whole cuts.

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Manufacturing & Technology

IFF Installs High-Moisture Extrusion Systems to Drive Innovation in Plant-Based Meat Market with Whole Cuts

Food and beverage leader IFF (NYSE: IFF) announces that it has invested in high-moisture extrusion (HME) technology systems to support manufacturers in creating fibrous, plant-based whole cuts. The newly acquired HME systems, designed and manufactured by the global leader in extrusion technology, Coperion, feature exact powder and liquid feeders, ensuring high-quality production and remarkable flexibility, explains IFF.  They have been installed and are already operational at the company’s innovation hubs across Europe, the USA, and Singapore. According to the company, this initiative is part of its continuous efforts to offer solutions and services to the plant-based meat and fish industry. “Consumer demand for plant-based products that offer an experience akin to eating meat is huge, and HME is one of the best ways to meet it. …


IFF, Unilever and WUR address flavor challenges associated with alt meats



IFF Partners With Unilever and Wageningen University to Address Alt Meat Flavor Challenges

International flavor and fragrance producer IFF has announced it will be collaborating with Unilever and the Netherlands’ Wageningen University and Research (WUR) to address flavor challenges associated with plant-based meat. Plant-based proteins can sometimes have beany or bitter off-notes, which manufacturers of meat alternatives usually mask with other flavors. However, this may result in undesirable aroma characteristics. As part of a four-year project, IFF and Unilever will explore how flavors bind to protein molecules, with the aim of developing new flavoring strategies to improve the sensory qualities of meat alternatives. “Our mission is to understand and improve flavor quality in plant-based meat alternatives by unravelling the intricacies of protein interactions, to investigate flavor loss and elevate the overall flavor profile,” said Neil Da Costa, lead …