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Quorn Adds Unicorn-Shaped ‘UniQuorns’ Vegan Nuggets to Kids’ Range

UK alt-meat brand Quorn recently announced a range of new products, including the addition of unicorn-shaped vegan nuggets, marking the third market introduction of vegan chicken nuggets for kids since April. Quorn is the UK’s leading meat alternative brand, supplying its mycoprotein based chicken to KFC across Europe, and is on its way to developing the world’s first carbon-neutral solution for food services. Most recently, the alt-meat brand announced its second collaboration with BrewDog for its Q-Dog pie and appeared as a guest host on the BBC show Hungry For It. Vegan nuggets for kids Last year, Quorn stepped into the kids’ food category by launching its plant-based Roarsomes Dinosaur Nuggets. The company put high efforts into advertising its new product development with a giant …


Green Cuisine brand relaunch

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Marketing & Media

Birds Eye Relaunches Green Cuisine Brand With £4.4M Ad Campaign

Frozen foods giant Birds Eye is relaunching its meat-free Green Cuisine brand in the UK, with new packaging and a £4.4 million ad campaign. The rebrand takes place as Birds Eye reports a 2.9% increase in Green Cuisine sales compared to the same time last year, with 6.6% of Brits having bought the brand in this time period. Titled Welcome to the Plant Age, the campaign features cartoon kids encouraging viewers to make more sustainable choices. It includes TV ads and in-store promotions, as well as PR and OOH advertising. The brand will also roll out new, brightly coloured packaging next month. Green Cuisine’s success in Europe & UK Initially launching back in 2019 with a £2 million TV ad campaign, Green Cuisine now offers …


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Products & Launches

Iglo Germany Introduces Vegan Baked Fish and Kids Chick*n Dinos to Green Cuisine Range

From May, iglo / Birds Eye’s plant-based Green Cuisine product line will see two new offerings in Germany: vegan “Oven Baking Fish” and “Chicken” Dinos for children. The Green Cuisine, which first launched in Germany in January 2020, covers several European markets and offers affordable supermarket options for plant-based and flexitarian consumers. The line is also popular in the UK where it was launched with a £2 million ad campaign in 2019 and where the line was supplemented last year with three new plant-based chicken SKUs. The oven baked fish consists of rice and wheat proteins and is labelled with Nutri-Score B. The most recent plant-based fish product launch follows the success of the brand’s plant-based fish fingers, a vegan version of the hugely popular …


Close up of BlueNalu's whole-muscle, cell-cultured yellowtail, beer-battered and deep-fried for fish tacos


Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

BlueNalu to Bring Cell-Cultured Seafood to Europe With Nomad Foods, Owner of Bird’s Eye & Findus

Europe’s leading frozen foods supplier, Nomad Foods, whose portfolio includes Birds Eye, Findus and iglo, announces a collaboration with cultured seafood pioneer BlueNalu, marking the first agreement in Europe between a CPG company and a cell-cultured seafood company. In January of this year, BlueNalu secured $60 million in the largest financing to date in the cell-based seafood industry worldwide. In April, the San Diego company signed MoU’s with global seafood producer Thai Union and Japan’s largest trading company Mitsubishi Corporation, to develop strategies for cell-grown seafood in Asia. This most recent agreement marks the coming of cell-cultured seafood to Europe and signifies a mutual interest in the commercialization of cell-cultured seafood in the continent to help meet rising demand and support wider efforts to safeguard the long-term …