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Improved Nature Introduces Private Label Heat-and-Serve Meals Through New Partnership

Improved Nature, a producer of shelf-stable, plant-based proteins, has announced an exclusive partnership with American food manufacturer RMS Foods. The collaboration aims to provide Improved Nature’s clean-label, soy protein products at a value price for private label brands. Under this exclusive agreement, Improved Nature is set to become the sole supplier for all private-label plant-based protein products manufactured by RMS Foods. Improved Nature’s CEO, Dr. Rody Hawkins, who also founded the renowned LUNCHABLES products, commented, “We believe it all starts with the right texture and taste. Consumers prefer the same texture and eating characteristics of meat, and we deliver that with simple plant proteins and no added ingredients.” As part of the partnership, Improved Nature is unveiling a new line of heat-and-serve meals catering to …


Nature's Prime Chicken Tenders

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Improved Nature Creates Plant-Based Meat Option for Meal Kit Companies

Improved Nature, a plant-based protein company, announces it is now offering its Nature’s PRIME products in smaller sizes designed specifically for meal kits. Available in four varieties, the new 4 oz. packages offer a quick and simple plant-based meat alternative for meal subscription companies. Nature’s PRIME is a dehydrated, neutral-flavored plant protein that recreates the texture and experience of eating meat. Made from non-GMO soy, the product is created from a proprietary process and comes in four varieties for meal kits: slices, bits, shreds and mini pieces. Once rehydrated, Nature’s PRIME can be easily seasoned, marinated or spiced to replace meat in nearly any recipe.  The product is also highly economical – a 4 oz. package of Nature’s PRIME becomes 1.25 pounds of plant protein …


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Food & Beverage

Improved Nature Debuts its Plant-Based Chicken Alternatives at ShopRite Supermarkets

Improved Nature has launched its plant-based chicken alternatives into hundreds of ShopRite supermarkets. Beginning this month, Nature’s Nuggets, Nature’s Tenders, Nature’s Filets, and Nature’s Large Filets will be available throughout the New York Metro Area, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. 


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Improved Nature Collects $3 Million in Financial Capital

Improved Nature is a vegan company based in North Carolina, USA, which produces plant-based meat substitutes and distributes them via its food service. In order to expand its management team and strengthen its marketing activities, the company has recently raised more than three million US dollars. The new financing round was led by investment specialist Concentric Capital.