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Groundbreaking “Wen Day on Wednesday” Campaign Will Promote Future Foods in Thailand

The Thai Future Food Trade Association has joined forces with its members and Informa Markets Thailand to launch a campaign called “Wen Day on Wednesday”. In the Thai language, “wen” means “avoid” or “skip”. Inspired by Meatless Monday, the campaign aims to encourage Thai consumers and food service operators — including schools, hotels, and hospitals — to offer future foods every Wednesday. According to the Thai Future Food Trade Association, Thailand has numerous companies innovating in this area, helping to meet demand both domestically and abroad. The country is said to be working to become a global leader in the future foods sector, but this will require the consumption of these products to increase significantly. Numerous future food brands have supported the launch of Wen …


Kinga Wojcicka- Swiderska

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Informa Markets: “The Speed at Which Manufacturers Are Launching New Plant-Based Products is Breathtaking”

Of all the current trends in the food industry, the boom in plant-based raw materials and products is certainly the one that is most profoundly changing the industry and the offerings on shelves. Following the presentation of the Fi Global insights Plant-based Report 2022, Peter Link spoke to Kinga Wojcicka-Swiderska, Head of Content – Food, Informa Markets, about this megatrend and the opportunities and challenges it presents. Peter Link: Kinga you have an excellent all-around view of the food and ingredients industry worldwide. What distinguishes the trend towards plant-based foods and ingredients from all the other trends we have seen in the industry over the past few years? Kinga Wojcicka-Swiderska: This is a trend that is here to stay and it will become mainstream, because …