Nelida Leiva Eriksson, CEO of Ironic Foods

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Ironic Biotech Raises €1M for Precision Fermentation-Derived Plant Proteins with High Iron Content

Swedish startup Ironic Biotech has received €1 million for its plant-based proteins, which are designed to facilitate the absorption of iron into the blood. Ironic’s proteins are produced by precision fermentation and used as ingredients for food or food supplements. The funds will be used for further development work, the expansion of the company’s patent portfolio, and the optimisation of the production process. The team is now looking for partners in the food and supplement industry with whom to collaborate. Addressing the performance gap Up to 25% of the world’s population suffers from iron deficiency, which can lead to severe fatigue, tiredness, heart palpitations, learning difficulties, and anaemia. “We want to help 2 billion people prevent and recover from iron deficiency and anaemia. Iron deficiency …