Chocolate bao buns

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Heavenly Desserts Launches Vegan Chocolate Bao Buns in Collaboration With Itsu

Dessert franchise Heavenly Desserts has partnered with Asian-inspired brand itsu to offer sweet chocolate bao buns at its 48 UK restaurants. Served warm with caramel sauce, the buns are described as “fluffy” with a “melt-in-the-middle” chocolate filling. They will be available on the chain’s regular and Dessert Tapas menus. “After a lot of consumer research and flavour profiling and following on from the popularity of our mochi desserts which we announced in summer last year, we found that bao buns are setting a trend in the dessert sector as itsu has become the go-to brand in the UK market for this recognisable Asian dish,” said Ravinder Faguraha, project support manager at Heavenly Desserts. She added, “Most Brits know bao buns to come with a savoury …


Sweet bao buns

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Itsu Launches Vegan Sweet Bao Buns in “Small But Historic Breakthrough”

Itsu, a UK-based Asian-inspired brand and restaurant chain, has launched a new range of sweet bao buns. The buns are vegan-friendly and available in two flavours, both containing coconut cream. The chocolate variety also contains cocoa powder, while the salted caramel flavour features miso. The products can be steamed or microwaved for a quick snack. Itsu will be conducting a marketing campaign to support the launch, including social media and digital advertising along with shopper activations. “Small but historic breakthrough” Itsu has been expanding its vegan options for some time, launching its first gyozas containing plant-based meat in 2020 and vegan protein cup noodles the following year. However, the bao buns appear to be the brand’s first plant-based sweet option, with the exception of its …



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Itsu Launches Vegan Protein Cup Noodles Into Sainsbury’s

Itsu, an Asian-inspired healthy eating brand, has launched a new line of vegan protein noodle dishes that will be available at Sainsbury’s in the UK and on Amazon from this month. The soya bean noodles, with a handmade miso-based broth produced in Japan, offer over 20 grams of protein per serving and are available in three Asian flavours. The three flavours available are: Super Sesame: a vegan miso-based broth with a blend of nutty sesame seeds, herbs and spices Crackin’ Curry: a miso-based vegan broth with a blend of Japanese curry spices. Mega Miso: a vegan miso-based broth with a blend of spices and a hint of chilli. The handmade miso-based broth complements itsu’s existing range of popular noodle dishes and is made by Yoshihiro, …