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Six Exciting New Vegan Restaurants Appear Around the World

Around the world, six new vegan restaurants have emerged, exploring different types of cuisine with exciting dishes using vegetables and protein alternatives in a way never used before. People are becoming more aware of vegan food’s health and environmental benefits, creating an exciting new market of vegan restaurants, from high–end gourmet restaurants to casual eateries.  Jam Delish – London, UK Jam Delish is an independent family-owned Caribbean vegan restaurant and cocktail bar in Angel, Islington, London. Starting out as a delivery-only kitchen in Wimbledon, the founders opened their first flagship restaurant just last month. From fish tacos or tofu skewers to meaty, deep-fried buttermilk oyster mushrooms, all dishes are served with glossy sauces, unusual vegetable purees, and tropical fruits. Besides its modern take on Caribbean food, Jam Delis’s cocktail …