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How Would You Like Your Wagyu Beef? 3D-Printed, Cell-Cultured, or Plant-Based? 

Scientists from Osaka University claim to have created the world’s first 3D-printed wagyu beef in Japan this week, using bovine satellite cells and adipose-derived stem cells isolated from Wagyu cows to 3D-print a realistic steak piece containing muscle, fat, and blood vessels. Wagyu can be translated literally to “Japanese cow,” and is famous around the globe for its high content of intramuscular fat. Known as marbling or Sashi, this fat provides the beef with its distinctive flavors and texture. As Wagyu beef has become an interesting and vibrant niche in the alt meat innovation landscape, vegconomist takes a look at the biggest alt Wagyu developments to date.  Alt Wagyu – 2018 to present December, 2018: Eat Just, producer of JUST Egg, was one of the …


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Australia’s JAT Oppenheimer Launches Vegan Wagyu Beef, Australian Meat Farmers Call it “Offensive” and “Nonsensical”

Meat lobbyists globally have been fighting vegan companies using names traditionally associated with animal products, ie meat, dairy and seafood. Now, Sydney-based food company JAT Oppenheimer, has produced a tofu-based Wagyu ‘beef’ that beef farmers have referred to as “offensive” and “nonsensical”.