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Joes Future Food Reveals Cultivated Pork Belly & Pigskin Noodles

Chinese startup Joes Future Food has showcased what it claims is the country’s first ever cultivated pork belly at the New Technology Conference in Nanjing. Conference guests were served various dishes containing Joes’ pork belly and pigskin noodles, with feedback said to be very positive. Other cellular agriculture innovations, such as cultivated fat and serum-free growth media, were also revealed at the event. China’s attitude to cultivated meat Perceptions of cultivated meat are increasingly positive in China, with research suggesting that 90% of consumers are open to eating it. At the beginning of the year, the country’s five-year agricultural plan made reference to cultivated meat for the first time ever, saying that innovation should be boosted in the sector. This could potentially indicate that the …


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Study Finds 90% of Chinese Consumers Ready to Eat Cultivated Meat 

A new study in China has revealed 90% of consumers would eat cultivated meat in the country. The encouraging figures come at an important time for the emerging Chinese cultivated meat sector, with the Chinese government’s increasing emphasis on food safety and environmental sustainability. The market report from alt protein investor Lever China and Chinese media outlet FoodPlus surveyed over 2,000 consumers across China. 90% said they would eat cultivated meat – that is meat produced by cellular agriculture – while 30% said they would make it their primary source of protein if it can achieve the same taste and texture as conventional meat. China currently consumes approximately 30% of the world’s meat, making it the largest market globally. The numbers back up significant investment …