Jumbo announces that customers can purchase its private-label plant-based meat at the same price as the animal product.

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Jumbo Drops Plant-Based Meat Prices as Sweeping Trend for Price-Parity Continues in Europe

Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo announces that it has dropped the prices of its private-label plant-based meat range to match the price of similar animal products. According to the retailer, the high cost of meat alternatives is a common obstacle for consumers choosing sustainable products. This initiative is part of Jumbo’s bigger goal of making 60% of its protein products plant-based by 2030 to foster a transition to sustainable diets. However, Jumbo’s new pricing strategy follows a recent wave of similar initiatives in the European retail sector.  Lidl Germany was the first supermarket chain to equalize the prices of Vemondo’s meat alternatives and animal products this October. Since then, Kaufland, Aldi Süd, Penny, and BILLA have launched similar price initiatives to encourage the adoption of plant-based consumption. Anrico Maat, Retail Director of Jumbo, comments: …


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Dutch Supermarket Chain Jumbo Aims for 60% Plant-Based Proteins by 2030

Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo is intensifying its commitment to promoting a more plant-based diet, declaring that it has committed to a goal to ensure that 60% of its protein offerings are sourced from plants by 2030. Jumbo has been actively promoting plant-based eating for some time, launching its own house vegan brand, Lekker Veggie, in 2020. The supermarket continues to focus on expanding its range of plant-based products, introducing dozens of new products already this year, with plans for more in 2024. The decision to further emphasize a plant-based diet aligns with Jumbo’s previously declared climate objectives. The company aims to reduce CO2 emissions from its business operations by 85% compared to 2022 levels by 2030. Additionally, emissions in the supply chains must be reduced by 50%. …


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Vegan Zeastar Launches “The Shrimpz Family” Range of Plant-Based Shrimp Products

Vegan Finest Foods of the Netherlands today announces a line of 100% plant-based shrimp entailing three new products under the Vegan Zeastar brand. The Shrimpz Family line will debut with Crispy Chili Shrimpz and Crispy Lemon Shrimpz flavours as well as regular Vegan Shrimpz. The products are based on soy and wheat as primary ingredients. Vegan Zeastar has enjoyed great success in its home market in the Netherlands as well as in the UK, where its vegan cod product launched in 2020, and in Spain where its Vegan Sashimi, No Tuna and No Salmon arrived in Madrid last March. The launch of The Shrimpz Family coincides with increasing awareness of the animal suffering that takes place in industrial shrimp farming, following the Dutch TV series …


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Quevana: Spanish Producer of Fermented Cashew Cheese Enjoys Dutch Retail Success

Quevana, previously Vegetaleso, is a young food startup based in Segovia, Spain, founded by Alejandro de Quevana in 2020. At 18, driven by his vegan diet and with no previous experience in the food sector, Quevana started making vegan cheese.  Only after a few years in business, Quevana’s vegan cashew cheese retails in 150 of the 600 Dutch Jumbo supermarket chain shops and at specialised shops in countries such as Qatar and Bahrain. Inspiration from Thailand In an interview, the young entrepreneur told EFE:agro that his inspiration came after visiting Thailand, where he tasted a dish that used nuts to replace cheese. He also noticed that most of the vegan cheeses in Thailand were for sale in other markets, including the Netherlands. Quevana started making …


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Max&Bien’s Plant-Based Gouda Cheese Launches at Jumbo

Plant-based cheese maker, Max&Bien, announces its Gouda-style vegan cheese will be available at most Jumbo supermarkets and Jumbo Online from October 3rd.  Max&Bien is known in the Netherlands for its cheese wheels made with fermented rice. In 2020, the brand won the public’s prize at the Vegan Cheese Awards with a blue vein cheese, and its vegetable butter was proclaimed ‘Tastiest product of the year’ at the Kweker Food pitch. The company claims its cheeses are the first to share the same shelf space as famous imported animal cheeses. The supermarket chain Jumbo, which owns around 670 markets in the Netherlands and Belgium, has been expanding its vegetarian and vegan offer since 2017. Operating an own-brand of plant-based products, Lekker Veggie, Jumbo is always looking …


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Plantbased Sushi Products from Vegan Zeastar Now Available in Netherlands Supermarket Chains

After being in the news in 2018 for offering the largest vegan selection in the Netherlands, Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo is the first to stock Vegan Zeastar sushi. The plantbased seafood products are known for their taste and texture; the brand claims its sashimi was considered ‘revolutionary’ by a Japanese sushi chef upon its release.