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Just Add Vegan Opens Seed Round to Officially Launch Meal Kit Delivery Service in Australia

Australian vegan meal kit subscription service, Just Add Vegan, has opened an AUD$700 thousand seed round to upgrade its subscription platform, enhance operational efficiency, and officially launch in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.  Just Add Vegan was founded in 2021 by Padma Lianos and Arthur Voorwinden as Australia’s first health-focused meal kit service, operating at the intersection of plant-based eating and convenience.  Since its establishment, the company has tested its concept by delivering over 12,000 meal kits to more than 300 customers, allowing it to assess its viability, enhance its operations, and measure its potential success. “It was tremendously rewarding to see our vision come to life and to hear from customers that Just Add Vegan was actually ‘life-changing’ for them. Probably …