Host of Celebrity Investors See Future in Kelp as New York’s AKUA Secures $3.2M

After launching what it claims to be the first-ever burger made from kelp, New York-based alt-meat brand AKUA has now announced an impressive $3.2 million seed round. The kelp specialist looks set to find a prominent niche in the alt meat landscape as it promotes regenerative ocean farming.  “The first wave of plant-based eating was the Boca Burger, beans and tofu. The second wave is Impossible and Beyond, and the third wave is going to be the return to whole foods and clean eating” The funding round included a host of venture funds as well as New England Patriots coach and former linebacker Jerod Mayo, beauty founder Cristina Carlino, SmartyPants CEO Courtney Nichols Gould, and Sir Kensington’s co-founder Brandon Child. The seed round brings AKUA’s …