NFL players invest in robot-powered meat-free restaurant

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NFL Stars Invest in Chipotle Founder’s Robot-Powered Meat-Free Restaurant

Kernel, the robot-powered meat-free restaurant concept created by Chipotle founder Steve Ells, has received funding from two star NFL players. Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (who is vegan) and New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones have both invested in the company, receiving equity stakes in exchange. The first Kernel restaurant is set to open in the Flatiron District of New York City on February 12, at 315 Park Ave South. It will initially focus on lunch, opening from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. Kernel previously raised $36 million in Series A funding in August; participants included Raga Partners, Willoughby Capital, Rethink Food, and Virtru. Improved efficiency Kernel aims to address inefficiencies in food service by using a semi-automated operational process, featuring a robotic arm to …


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Food Service

Chipotle Founder to Open Meat-Free Concept “Kernel” Powered by Robots

Chipotle founder and ex-CEO Steve Ells is venturing back into the food industry with a new meat-free concept called Kernal. Set to open its first location in Manhattan early next year, Kernel will exclusively serve a meat-free, fast-casual menu, all crafted with the help of robotic technology. The restaurant model features a streamlined operational process where a team of only three employees is needed to run each location. Customer orders are transmitted to the kitchen, where a robotic arm handles the food preparation and places pans in the oven. A programmed toaster warms up buns while conveyor belts move dishes through the kitchen. Employees then add any final touches, package the orders, and pop them into cubbies for the customers to collect.  Ells highlighted to …