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Company News

Our Business Year in Review: Kerry Group

In 2018, Kerry Group announced its ambition to become a plant-based leader. True to its word, the taste and nutrition company has since innovated extensively in the plant-based sector, from vegan cheese to meat alternatives. In the past year, Kerry has extended its alt protein capabilities with the strategic acquisition of two biotech companies — German precision fermentation company c-LEctra and Mexican enzyme manufacturer Enmex. The company has also continued to innovate by launching its own range of vegan cheeses under the Pure brand. We spoke to Ian Carroll, Strategy Director at Kerry, to find out more about the company’s progress in 2022 and plans for the new year. What plant-based innovations did you introduce in 2022?  In 2022, we have worked with our customers …


Pure brand plant-based cheese

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Cheese Alternatives

Kerry Launches Plant-Based Cheese Range Under Pure Brand

Kerry has introduced a new line of plant-based cheese products under its UK-based Pure brand, which has previously only offered dairy-free spreads since it was founded in 1994. Described as “creamy and versatile”, the cheese is made from coconut oil and comes in three varieties — Block, Grated, and Slices. On Instagram, Pure said the cheese is “An excellent addition for every meal time and especially good when melted over a Mac ‘n’ Cheese”. The new products are now available at Sainsbury’s and will soon roll out at other major retailers. Dairy alternatives by Kerry Though Kerry sold its meats and meals business last year, it retained Dairy Consumer Foods, a category that includes dairy alternatives such as Pure products. The company recently launched vegan …


Richmond meat free sausages

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Company News

Sausage Giant Richmond Now Has Third Best-Selling Alt Meat Line in UK & Ireland

Meat producer Richmond, which has been steadily making its way into the plant-based category since its plant-based sausage launch in 2020, says it is now the third bestselling alt-meat brand in the UK & Ireland. The vegan sausages, which were named meat-free product of the year in 2020, were joined by meat-free burgers, mince and meatballs in early 2021, then in the following May Richmond launched a plant-based bacon product claiming it to be “the tastiest, crispiest, meat-free bacon you’ll try”. In February of this year, parent company Pilgrim’s identified the plant-based category as where it expects to see the most growth in the near future, stating that it is expecting a 74% increase in the plant-based category over the next four years. As reported …


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Studies & Numbers

New Study Reveals Consumer Preferences for Plant-Based Products Across Four Countries

Sustainability and health concerns are driving consumers to plant-based meat alternatives, but the taste experience of these products remains inadequate, according to research conducted by Kerry. Flexitarians continue to drive the market In 2022, Kerry surveyed more than 1,500 consumers in four countries – the US, the UK, Australia and Brazil – to determine sensory expectations for plant-based burgers and cheese alternatives. The research found that flexitarians, the key consumer group driving the growth of plant-based products, are more critical of the products than vegan and vegetarian consumers. While sustainability is an important factor, consumers are unwilling to compromise on taste and are looking for products that are as close as possible to the taste experience of animal products. The study uncovered the key drivers …


Meat-Free Tasty Bites

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Sweets & Snacks

Fridge Raiders Launches Meat-Free Tasty Bites in Slow Roasted & Katsu Flavours

Fridge Raiders, a UK brand owned by Pilgrim’s Food Masters, has introduced Meat-Free Tasty Bites — a plant-based version of its much-loved Chicken Bites. Like their animal-based counterparts, the Tasty Bites will be available in Slow Roasted and Katsu flavours. The launch follows on from Fridge Raiders’ first plant-based range, Veggie Bites, which was launched in 2020 and is made with 100% seasoned vegetables. “We’re excited to offer our customers a delicious meat-free snacking option in a category that we know currently under-delivers on taste.” The Tasty Bites will launch at Sainsbury’s this Saturday, rolling out at other retailers over the course of May. They will be advertised with a £1.1 million marketing campaign, including social, OOH, and VOD channels. Meat-free snacks in the UK …


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Investments & Finance

Kerry Completes Strategic Acquisitions of Two Biotechnology Companies

Kerry, one of the world’s leading companies for taste and nutrition solutions, has reached an agreement on significant strategic biotechnology acquisitions. According to Kerry, millions of people throughout the world are consuming food and beverage products containing Kerry’s taste and nutrition solutions. Following Kerry’s announcement to become a plant-based leader in 2018, Kerry has reported steady growth through its plant-based divisions that include the Richmond and Naked Glory brands.   Strategic Acquisitions of Biotechnology Companies Since 2020 Back in 2020, food giant Kerry Group has acquired Pevesa Biotech, a Spanish specialist in non-allergenic and organic plant proteins. The acquisition was designed to strengthen Kerry’s leading position in the plant-based industry. Kerry is now significantly expanding its expertise and know-how in biotechnology, completing two acquisitions in …


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Market & Trends

Kerry Reveals 2022 Top Taste Trends in Plant-Based

According to Kerry, one of the world’s leading taste and nutrition companies, taste trends for 2022 are underpinned by proactive health and sustainable nutrition priorities, but also a desire to explore traditional tastes and new formats. Trends that were accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic have developed and will become more sophisticated this year, with consumers seeking new tastes paired with familiar formats and flavours. The insights are contained in Kerry’s Global Taste Charts for 2022, which highlights the flavours and ingredients that are set to inspire food and beverage innovators across the globe. “Consumers travelling the world through their tastebuds” “A desire for authentic flavours is driven by an interest in long-term wellness and overall health following the COVID-19 pandemic, while cravings for more novel …



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Market & Trends

This Week’s News From India Where “Huge Paradigm Shift” Towards Plant-Based Foods is Taking Place

Here we take a look at some significant news — including a unique plant milk launch and a Series A of $5 million — taking place this week in India, where the alt-meat market is now worth $171 million with a CAGR of 8.5% expected through to 2025. A new report by Kerry finds there is huge potential in the market for plant-based foods in India; since a third of Indians are vegetarian and 70% of the remaining two-thirds regularly consume plant proteins, the country is an ideal market for alt-meat products. Research shows that 41% of the population currently consume six or more types of plant protein, while 63% say they would be very likely to purchase plant-based meat on a regular basis. Alt …


Plants are a preferred protein source in Europe and the Asia Pacific

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Studies & Numbers

61% of Consumers Worldwide Describe Plants as a Preferred Protein Source

New report finds that the majority of consumers say plants are a preferred protein source, overtaking animal protein. A report by leading taste and nutrition company Kerry has examined consumer attitudes towards protein across the globe. It found that most consumers strongly associate protein with health, with attitudes to plant-based proteins becoming significantly more positive in recent years. Worldwide, 61% of consumers considered plants to be a preferred protein source, compared to 50% for animal protein — an 11% difference. Those in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region had particularly positive opinions about plant protein, preferring it by 16% and 21% respectively. Previous Kerry reports have also highlighted the high demand for plant proteins in the Asia-Pacific, with research at the beginning of November finding that …


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Three Trends to Watch in Plant-Based Dairy Beverages

The popularity of dairy drinks has stimulated appetite for non-dairy beverages as consumers in Asia explore healthier, sustainable dairy alternatives, says Jie Ying Lee, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager for Radicle plant-based solutions, Kerry Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa Dairy and dairy alternative boom in Asia Kerry’s 2021 global consumer research shows that immune and digestive health, as well as bone and joint support are the top three reasons for buying healthy lifestyle products in this region. According to the research, consumers ranked both dairy and alternative dairy food and beverage products as excellent sources of digestive, immune, and joint health benefits—specifically, spoonable yogurt and dairy and dairy alternative drinks. In 2020, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA) made up 50% of the global …


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Kerry APMEA: “Asia Pacific is Set to Have the Largest Share of the Global Plant-Based Market By 2025”

Kerry, the world’s largest taste and nutrition company, recently surveyed 3,700 people across ten Asia-Pacific countries to gauge opinions on plant-based meats. An impressive 62% of respondents said they were interested in buying meat alternatives and 44% said they intended to increase consumption of such products. Consumers also expressed a desire for meat alternatives that align better with local cuisine, an area where products imported from the West often fall short. According to Kerry Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa (APMEA), this is something the company is well-placed to address. Didier Chanove, Business Development Director, Plant Alternatives, and Jie Ying Lee, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, Radicle, spoke with us about their insights into developments in the Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa region. What is …


Kerry Group

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Food & Beverage

Kerry Publishes Virtual Toolkit For Plant-based Dairy Alternatives

Kerry Group has developed and released a plant-based dairy alternatives toolkit. This virtual toolkit is designed to give innovators, initially in the US only, the simple, scalable and sustainable solutions they need to accelerate their plant-based food and beverage product development and growth prospects. Kerry‘s toolkit offers innovators a number of benefits: a research-based checklist for building your brand, information on the five key considerations in product development, guides to help product developers create consumer-friendly taste experiences, and tips for formulating with exciting flavours that build consumer loyalty and drive repeat purchases. Importantly, it also mentions scientifically-backed digestive and immune-boosting ingredients that can successfully differentiate a product from the competition. A series of videos will feature plant-based insights from Kerry experts – from taste researchers …


Plant-based burger Mcplant McDonald's and Beyond Meat burger

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Products & Launches

UK & Ireland: Is the McPlant Available at Your Local McDonald’s? 

After announcing its ambition to become a market leader in the vegan fast-food sector, McDonald’s has rolled out the long-awaited McPlant at 250 locations across the UK and Ireland. “Whether you’re vegan or just fancy a plant-based patty, we’re confident you will enjoy the McPlant” As reported by vegconomist, the vegan McPlant burger uses a plant-based cheese – made in collaboration with Irish food company Kerry, as well as a McDonald’s exclusive Beyond Meat patty. The alt meat giant signed a coveted 3 year deal with McDonald’s earlier this year, making it plant-based supplier of choice with the fast-food icon, as well its primary developer of new plant-based products.  The McPlant is £3.49 on its own or £4.89 as a meal, and will not be …