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Cult Favorite KEWPIE Introduces Vegan Mayo Dressing and Spread

Q & B Foods, a division of Japan’s Kewpie Corporation, announces it is launching KEWPIE Vegan Mayo Dressing and Spread in a new 64 oz size. Described as an innovative mayonnaise alternative, KEWPIE Vegan Mayo is a plant-based version of the company’s highly popular Japanese KEWPIE mayonnaise.  KEWPIE Vegan Mayo is said to offer a rich flavor and smooth texture that closely resembles that of traditional mayo. The kosher and gluten-free product can be used across a wide range of dishes, including salads and sandwiches, and provides a base for a variety of dressings.  KEWPIE has an ambient shelf life of nine months, and the company states the new 64 oz. container can be utilized both at home and in food service. The product has also …