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Company News

PlantBaby Celebrates 3rd Anniversary, Doubling YOY Revenue with $6M in Sales Amid Global Expansion

PlantBaby, a producer of plant-based child nutrition products, is celebrating its third anniversary with substantial revenue growth and an upcoming partnership set to expand its reach globally. Launched in 2021, the company claims it has doubled its revenue yearly, reporting an impressive $6 million in the first two years. The company’s flagship product, Kiki Milk, has been a significant contributor to its success. Since its launch in December 2021, the company has been expanding its retail presence in the US, with a recent rollout in nearly 100 Wegman’s Food Markets, along with the addition of new product offerings, and now Kiki Milk is set to make a global impact. A strategic partnership with iHerb will facilitate Kiki Milk’s availability in over 180 countries.  Alex Abelin, co-founder …





PlantBaby: “CPG Products Aren’t Going Anywhere and We Want to Challenge the Industry to Do Better”

In a sea of wellness brands, PlantBaby, a plant-based company focused on supporting children’s nutritional journey from infancy to adulthood, has carved a highly unique niche. Founded by husband and wife Alex and Lauren Abelin, PlantBaby is on a passionate mission to reinvent children’s food, beverage and supplements by sourcing sustainable, organic ingredients and supporting regenerative agriculture. Its first product, Kiki Milk, launched in 2021 as the “world’s first” organic plant-based milk designed specifically for kids, and achieved sell-out success at Thrive Market and beyond. Now, the company is looking to revolutionize macadamia milk with Mac Nut Milk – an organic, clean-label product it describes as “wildly delicious” and nutritionally superior to most competing brands.  We spoke to Co-founder Lauren Abelin about PlantBaby’s innovative portfolio …


Kiki Milk Organic Vegan Kid's Milk

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Products & Launches

Organic Plant Milk Brand Kiki Milk Launches 32oz Shelf-Stable Cartons

Kiki Milk, which produces the “world’s first” organic plant milk designed for kids, announces it is launching a 32oz, shelf-stable size on September 26th.  By popular demand Driven by consumer request, the new 32oz product will be available in Original and Chocolate flavors, and provides a clean-label, non-dairy alternative for both kids and adults. The resealable spout also allows for multi-purpose uses such as coffee, baking, cooking, pouring into cereal, oatmeal and more. First launched in December 2021, Kiki Milk originally debuted in 8oz Tetra Paks. The product was developed by Alex and Lauren Abelin, and formulated in partnership with leading pediatrician Dr. Joel “Gator” Warsh and nutritionist Vicki Kobliner, RD. The product is made exclusively from organic ingredients such as oats, hemp seeds, sprouted …


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Investments & Finance

PlantBaby Secures $4M to “Create Positive Change for Children’s Health”

PlantBaby, a company producing innovative children’s nutrition products, announces it has raised $4M in seed funding from a lineup of investors including Big Idea Ventures, The Fund LA, and actress Daniella Monet, among others.  First organic kids’ milk  PlantBaby is developing a portfolio of products to support the nutritional journey from infancy to adulthood. The brand’s debut offering, Kiki Milk, was launched as the first organic plant-based milk designed specifically for kids. Introduced in 2021, Kiki Milk comes in Original and Chocolate varieties and features a plethora of nature-inspired whole foods such as organic oats, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds and coconuts. The beverages also contain a proprietary blend of superfood powders made with organic blueberries, spinach and Aquamin, a multi-mineral complex. Kiki Milk was developed with …


Kiki Children's Plant-Based Milk Flavors

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Products & Launches

Kiki Milk Launches “World’s First” Organic Vegan Milk for Kids

PlantBaby, a direct-to-consumer nutrition company, announced today it is launching Kiki Milk, the first organic plant-based milk made exclusively for kids.  Developed with pediatrician Dr. Joel Warsh and nutritionist Vicki Kobliner, RD, the new products offer a clean-label plant-based milk option that is rich in protein and nutritionally complete. Founded in Hawaii by husband and wife Alex and Lauren Abelin, PlantBaby and Kiki Milk were created after the couple searched unsuccessfully for a healthy non-dairy and non-soy formula for their son. Their research led them to discover the existence of a massive market gap for children’s plant-based milks. The couple started PlantBaby as a nutrition-focused company that would develop organic, plant-based formulas, supplements and beverages designed for children’s health needs.  Transparent ingredients As the first …