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ADM Launches D2C Brand Knwble Grwn

US ingredients leader ADM has launched a D2C plant-based brand, Knwble Grwn. The company claims its products are grown by small or underrepresented farmers using regenerative ag practices. “Consumers are looking for sustainably sourced products and they want supply chain transparency,” comments Goehner, said Jaime Goehner, commercial manager at ADM. The Knwble Grwn range includes flaxseed, hemp seed, flax, hemp, and quinoa. ADM, primarily a B2B business, has been expanding into D2C with other brands like Bio-Kult, a live bacteria supplement brand, and linseed oil LinSheen. The company, which has ambitious environmental goals to reduce scope 3 emissions and the environmental impact of its supply chain, says regenerative agriculture is part of such efforts. “ADM’s supply chain leadership enables us to source ingredients from farmers who share our …