Milk alternative made from yellow peas

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vly and KWS Collaborate to Develop Plant-Based Products Made from Yellow Peas

German alt milk brand vly and seed specialist KWS have announced a multiyear partnership to develop plant-based foods made from pea protein. Vly already offers a range of pea-based milk alternatives, while KWS has been breeding yellow peas since the 1980s. The company now leads the market in France, which is described as the largest and most important European pea market. Previously, KWS has focused on selecting for traits such as yield, resource efficiency, and standing power. However, as part of the new partnership, the company will work to adapt the characteristics of yellow peas for use in plant-based foods. “As a seed producer, we can contribute to food development right from the start — for example, in terms of improving taste, processing quality, and …