Kynda debuts a new mycelium ingredient in vegan burgers crafted by The Ranging Pig Co.

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Kynda Debuts Zero-Waste Mycelium Ingredient in Burgers Crafted by The Raging Pig Co.

German B2B biotech Kynda announces that it is introducing in the European market a new zero-waste mycelium ingredient — exempt from EU novel food regulations — for alt meat and hybrid products. Branded Kynda Meat, the ingredient is said to be highly nutritious and a “truly sustainable” alternative to animal proteins. It is made only with upcycled ingredients fermented in a highly efficient 48-hour biomass fermentation process.  In a first collaboration, Kynda Meat will debut at the Internorga trade fair in Hamburg (starting today), in vegan burgers created by the food tech The Ranging Pig Co. A new range of vegan sausages by The Ranging Pig will also be available for tasting. “Our mycelium-based ingredients offer a unique blend of taste, nutrition and environmental benefits to meet the growing demand …


A fat developed using precision ferementation by the German startup Zayt Bioscience.

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Zayt Bioscience Creates Fermented Fats to Combat Deforestation in Food Industry

Amr Aswad and Venkat Konasan founded the biotech startup Zayt Bioscience in Berlin, Germany, to create a new generation of fermented fats that do not come from agricultural commodities. Palm and soybean oilseeds are the primary sources of oil, an essential product for food production, from chocolates to biscuits to margarine and frying fats. Additionally, plant oils find applications in various industries, such as cosmetics, cleaning products, and biofuel production. However, according to an Our World in Data report, palm and soybean crops account for 18% of global deforestation annually, mainly in the global south. Backed by the VC FoodLabs in a pre-seed funding round, Zayt Bioscience developed a patent-pending precision fermentation platform that uses microbes and fruit waste to make alternatives to palm oil and margarine. The proof of concept of the …


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Germany’s Kynda Secures Government Grant for Mycelial Protein Production Services

Kynda, a German provider of services and solutions for mycelium biomass fermentation, has announced that it has secured a non-dilutive grant from Germany’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture. In partnership with the German Institute of Food Technologies, Kynda will use the funds to advance a project to produce mycelial protein more efficiently and at scale using its fermentation platform and waste side streams.   Founded by Daniel MacGowan von Holstein and Franziskus Schnabel, Kynda claims to be the first company to provide clients with low-cost “plug-and-play” bioreactors, starter cultures, and operational support for biomass fermentation to produce edible mycelium. Kynda’s B2B services allow food and ingredient companies to install in-house fermentation units to generate revenue using their food processing waste, even if they lack the expertise to …