Lakeland Dairies vegan ice cream mix

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Lakeland Dairies Launches Vegan Ice Cream Mix for Food Service

Irish cooperative Lakeland Dairies has launched a new vanilla-flavoured vegan ice cream mix under its Comelle brand. Containing coconut oil, pea protein, and rice protein, the soft serve mix is free of all 14 major food allergens and is described as “deliciously smooth”. It can also be used to make thick shakes. Lakeland has been making conventional dairy ice cream mixes under the Comelle name for over 70 years, but this is the first plant-based product to be offered. “Long & renowned heritage” A report published last year revealed that the vegan ice cream market is expected to grow by $1.55 billion over the period 2022-2026, representing a CAGR of 11.49%. The increase is being driven by an expanding vegan population and more product launches, …