A new book about the potential of cultivated meat to reduce animal suffering while tackling the planet's crises.

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Cultivated Meat

Global Experts Discuss a Future of Meat Without Animal Suffering in New Book

A new book, Cultivated Meat to Secure Our Future: Hope for Animals, Food Security, and the Environment, argues that cultivated meat has the potential to significantly reduce the suffering of animals while simultaneously tackling the planet’s crises: climate change, biodiversity loss, and public health. Co-edited by influential animal activists Michel Vandenbosch, co-founder and president of GAIA (Global Action in Interest of Animals), and Philip Lymbery, global CEO of Compassion in World Farming; the book is forwarded by Ira van Eelen, co-founder of KindEarth.Tech of RESPECTfarms, whose father was Willem van Eelen, the godfather of cultivated meat. The book discusses the achievements made in the sector whilst on the other hand reviewing the challenges that it needs to overcome to disrupt the meat industry (high costs of …