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Lazy Day Launches Mini Vegan Caterpillar Cakes at Supermarkets UK-Wide

Lazy Day, a Scotland-based vegan and gluten-free bakery, has launched a selection of new products that includes mini caterpillar cakes. Inspired by the classic caterpillar-shaped birthday cake, the bars consist of chocolate sponge cake and frosting encased in Belgian dark chocolate. They are topped with colourful sugar decorations and have faces made from vegan white chocolate. The cakes are sold in packs of four, retailing at £3.50. They are now available at Morrisons and Co-op stores UK-wide, and will launch at Sainsbury’s later in the year. Plant-based baked goods Lazy Day has also introduced two more plant-based and gluten-free cakes. The Vanilla Sponge Cake is topped with vanilla frosting and sugar confetti, while the Celebration Chocolate Cake is covered in chocolate frosting and finished with …